Gage – 9 Bax Lyrics

Caw them a nemesis
Real wallawist
None a them fool deh no bad like a this
Whole a them a try fi be Vybz Kartel
But dem a no badman
Plus dem no have no lyrics

9 bax, tell dem again
Dem no bad a just pretend, pretend
Si dem a walk wid a bag a man friend
Dem don’t even bad like the gage gyal dem

9 bax, tell you this already
From a banana wi shake like jelly
A could a Frankenstein or Freddy
Anytime yo ready mi a tell yuh seh mi ready

(Verse 1)
Dollar coin wi fat yuh up caw man a c–k yuh up
Yuh think seh yuh a the dan because the feds dem lock him up
But this a wa the DJ come yah so fi seh
Yuh a go dead yo come a thick up like a hippopotamus
Seh yuh run the road, must mini bus
Better yo give up because a cuss them a cuss
Taurus no rust, buss head like habitues
Caw the world never ever si people like us

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
So listen come debate yuh wi get eliminate
Yuh claim yuh a pine weh knock off and fake
Search out the world and the entire state
Mi a the only gunman weh meck Jamaica shake
Sleep, wake, early, late
Anything mi seh yuh better appreciate
Caw this yah gunman no tek headache
When mi step through yo gate mi naw hesitate

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Level pon the riddim like the ship deh pon the sea
Hear some likkle chatting seh mi is a wanna b
Lace up the wall a baby
Caw mi no waan be wa no body don’t waan fi see
Hu, hu, hu, hu, mi have to laugh
Caw mi find out seh them is a Santa Clause
Catty come from foreign fi autograph
If a no gage, Gully Gaad, well a Gaza Boss

(Repeat Chorus)