Popcaan – Start From The Start | Freestyle Lyrics

Mi no start from the bottom
Chrome, wi start from the start
You done know that I am the bast
The girl them link up Chrome pon the radio the unruly boss
Seh wi hotter than ten pepper sauce
Watch da style yah every gyal waan fi spend da kyle yah
Bounce like pro tole waan fi check da file yah
Wi meck bwoy brain fly, Chrome a the pilot

Gyal more fi meck mi seh why not?
Mi gyal cyaa gi mi bun like I-Octane
Mi no buy plane ticket fi gyal travel pon plane
Mi glutter are, and then shi gi mi back brains
Stretch out man underpants that game mi not playing
WI don’t do that a 3 west or Spain
Mi get gyal easy, long, long, before mi got fame
Gyal a mad over mi and a seh the love stain
And still a follow mi all when mi seh mi not staying

Hey Chrome, wi unruly, unruly, unruly
Chrome a mi bad schooly, bad schooly, bad schooly
No bwoy cyaa rule wi, cyaa rule wi, cyaa rule wi
Traitness me seh
Chrome mi seh wi unruly, unruly, unruly
Chrome a mi bad schooly, bad schooly, bad schooly

Mi tell the system seh fi free the World Boss
A them man deh meck mi can travel first class
Sean Storm a mi bad chargy don’t even ask
Chrome naw tek chat when them meck them remarks
Chrome have them gyal deh spin like fan fi the don
In a one second yo gyal leave from yo hand
When mi theft are weh call mi the gyal criminal
Mi baby mother seh Popskull yo know yuh a ginal
Why yo ask mi sister fi be yo gyal?
Mi seh baby a team don’t sleep, meck the team roll deep
A true yo sister si mi roll in a the topless jeep
Shi all a tell mi seh a me have the whitest teeth
And are man fi get the nicest reet