Jadys – Isolate Lyrics

All a mi organs and weed them a friend
Mi love mi herb that a my oxygen
Pass mi the AK 47
Purple skull meck mi fly gone a foreign
Eye lock like mi born Japanese
If yo smell mi cush no bother call no police

Mi love the stinking dark grabber leaf
Cause when mi fross nothing else cyaa bother me

(Verse 1)
When mi smoke mi isolate
Yes the hytro great
Cut it up wid the knife like mi slice a cake
The kind a grades sour deisle meck mi mind a shake
Eye look swell up like mi get bitten by a snake

I’m in love wid the weed
So if yuh cyaa manage cush yuh better leave it alone
I’m in love wid the weed
Cause it get mi eye red like mi ring the alarm
Blend it wid the grabber weh look dark like a cave
Get mi spliff hot like it go in the microwave
Mi look calm, but f round and get beating like a slave
Mi lost like a mase, but mi quite amaze
Still a buy the cush all if the price a raise
Purple ears pretty plant get mi hife a days
I’m in love wid the weed
Da bloodclaath spliff yah hot till mi haffi dry mi face

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Pass mi the cush weh name purple reck
Or the sour lemon weh mi puff and burn mi neck
Mi love the snow berry
So mi roll it up fast like mi deh pon mi phone a text
Pineapple express which is one of the best
Fly gone a Amsterdam the land of happiness
From it grow right, gimmi more right
Fross the whole night
Spliff paw mi teeth like calcium chloride

(Repeat Verse 1)