I-Octane – Bible A Mi Shield Lyrics

Them seh good friend out deh
But mi no seet
Mi a look and mi cyaa find none yeh
So mi no sleep

Tell mi self in a hole I naw lie down yeh
Better believe
From them a sell but mi naw buy none yeh
Mi haffi kneel, mi haffi kneel
Mi bible a mi shield

(Verse 1)
Mi know, mi know, mi know, mi know
Them a pree fi come tag mi toe, mi toe
It only show them a sow the foe
Buss mi head back wide like open door
Waan mi corn below, blank like domino
Tell the chicken them straight a corn mi throw
Never waan mi grow, fi tek on the globe
But now it show

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
My life everyday hard like dead plus
Plus the benz mi no order it yet
Markus no done record I yet
No big company no sign nor call I yet
Yet still, them waan mi walk and stress
But mi no walk wid a S cross my chest
Oh yes, them a plan fi cause hi dead
But black spider mi naw fret

(Repeat Chorus)

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