Alkaline – Gone Away Lyrics

Gone away, put up yo lighter fi yo friends dem weh past away
Gone away, Yo deh yah so today then tomorrow yo gone away
Gone away, Mi feel it fi yuh cause wi just a reason wa day
Gone away, gone away

(Verse 1)
Must asleep, somebody waking
Dan wid the joke tell mi seh a play thing
But me cry when mi si yo dead body
Lydown in a coffin and a go down in a grave
Mi really waan fi know a weh yo gone
Miss you but mi haffi carry on
Me wish RIP, mean return if possible
But mi know that cyaa gwaan
Mi ask why

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mount a plans weh yo done meck
That’s why it really hurt mi heart
Yo seh yo don’t even get yo son yet
Look how wi plan a bag a things weh wi soon do
But it’s like seh da soon deh cyaa come yet
Mi wonder when mi a go si yo back
A could a just in a mi dreams mi no care if it’s even that
Right yah now mi lose mi faith in a the church
Cause mi cyaa understand how a God fi allowed that

(Repeat Chorus 2X)