Demarco – Whole A Wi Bad Lyrics

Yea a wa happen to dem
Dem fi know bun up finger
Gi weh dem, gi weh dem life so
When mi drive through dem get extra fry so
Wi no bugle but the thing exercise so
Dem a empty barrel make the most noise

When yuh si mi an mi friend dem a role wi no do no lose track
Caw the whole a wi bad, whole a wi bad
Dem fi know inna the streets wi no gugu no coward
Caw the whole a wi bad, whole a wi bad
The mount a millo thing wi collect from the Belview lab
Caw the whole a wi mad, whole a wi mad
Ain’t nothing pretty round here wi no smile caw badness
A the whole a wi job, whole a wi job

(Verse 1)
Dem fi know this mi Nikey wi pull bwoy teeth
Do wi do people things wi no like speak
When wi step to bwoy yuh know a permanent sleep
Nap stack inna mi hand this a no hide an seek
If a no walk by tell dem seh mi drive an dweet
Doctor cyan bring dem back pon revival street
Yeh mi si the whole a dem a cry an a weep
That nuffer than the sand dem pon the island beach

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Hey bwoy not even one word fi yuh talk
Yuh no si the whole a dem dem a bluffa
Dem fi know when wi talk wi no stutta
Whole a dem a hype an no have nothing fi go fa
Marvally an Samacon man dem tougher
Jouse land role out meck the thing dem nuffer
Lyrics corner left dem a halla an a suffer
Hey bwoy hey go cho

(Repeat Chorus)