Ninjaman – Inna Mi Class Lyrics

Dem no in a mi class
Dem will never lost
And survive as long as me

All you si dem a floss and a seh them a boss
Dem cyaa tek mi eye from me

(Verse 1)
Mi a tell dem fi watch out
You no si dem a navis
Nough a dem a hype and dem no fit like Prafif
Flash dem off like ratchet
Block the off like traffic
Caw dem a try fi drain mi energy like passy

Mi waan know how some bwoy waan collect mi glory
And mi never forsake all the one’s before mi
A hardcore roots and reality grow mi
Mi bad long time mi naw tell no story
This yah deadly, this a Ninja
If you diss a land mine
Plenty lyrics and melody could a never one rhyme
Downsound put mi pon the riddim one more time
Fi show dancehall a new sign

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
And mi do long fi release
And mi hard fi defeat
So mi tell likkle Specialist fi gwaan hold a seat
Cause a nough mi defeat
Mi status increase
Nough a dem a slide like dem walking on these
Now mi tell dem, people love mi, mi never compel dem
And as long as mi have tune fi shell dem
So all the haters a gwaan go to hell then
Ninja yes you bad from creation
Bring the lyrics to the young generation
So all when mi get locked up like Akon
Must get probation fi uplift the nation

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Seh if a lyrics unuh waan mi wi bring hi come
And if a stage show mii pack it up like stadium
And if mi even tek a brake you naw go si mi done
Lyrics a drop like bomb out a mi cranium
Mi come fi unite the place like Caricom
Nough a dem a sponge but mi tough like titanium
Ninja no haffi graffiti fi meck mi name call
Mi a no mechanic but mi bad overall
So all dem a gwaan and a breath like Paul
Mi fans dem a tear down mi facebook wall
Said place like Usain while nough a dem a crawl
A si the whole Ninja name a call

(Repeat Chorus)