Deep Jahi – Lead Out Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Seh them a warrior when them weak to the heart
Si the ormagideon and cold up like a fross
Nough drop a sleep and still a sky lork
February pass and them still cyaa meck a March
April maybe them fool and dark
May no even live fi si the sun spark
Never gwaan like righteousness them endorse
And a do kinky things when time them ends off
Wa that them a try?
Wa that deh do?
Them in it for a hide
Now nough a them go through
A nough a them badmind dem si man an a screw
One stel a who?
Hey mine mi kick you wid mi shoe

Wi a lead out
Wi no need mouth
Man a leave out, weh them preach bout
A nough a them poodle a move like lion
But them cyaa frighten mi wid pipe iron
Man wi read out
Wi no need mouth
Man a leave out weh them preach bout
A nought a them poodle a move like lion
But them cyaa put a foot in a zion

(Verse 2)
Selassie a the general anything else a prank
Nough a shrub up them chest and still cyaa get a rank
In a hell mi left a step
In a chest mi left a stamp
Head a roll when time the lion them a roll a step a champ
Calculated to mi step
And mi never ignorant
Sentimel no tek no check
Don’t you ever think a bang
Ice burge cold mi get are
Like when the winter damp
And if you violate the principle
The line memorant
No weakgeart soldier cyaa lead i
Are try seek obia and breach it
All enemies get crush like cheese chicks
And wi never back down or retreat it

(Repeat Chorus)