Lutan Fyah – Show Love Lyrics

If them naw show love
Them a go end up like some crazy dove
If them naw show love
That mean them full a hate and grudge
If them naw show love
Them a go end up like some crazy dove
Cause if them full a dutty heart
Badmind a kill them
Them no got no love in a them

(Verse 1)
Narcissist fire burn pon hypocrite and wagonist
Thing spen antagonist
Mi choke them wid a grabber spliff
Cuh deh petty theft and finger fearing get a Rogger kick
Them a work science fi get rich them wicked and selfish
Tell them bout selassie them cyaa bother with
That’s why mi know seh none a them no really honer this
Further more a trouble them a look and mi no want it
Them and them dutty life c**K up in a office

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Nough time mi show love when them a push war
Nough time mi give them everything in a mi yard
Cyaa bother wid the bad vibes caw mi no love rage
But true mi tek it easy them a think seh mi soft
Mi tell them a the same thing tear us apart
Them alone waan eat, and drink, and belch, and laugh
And nough get rich and a show off
And tell mi seh the man weh shoot persia a lost

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Love is the answer
Love is the key
Love is for you and love is for me
Without love we are nothing yea
Cheers to something
To remover all this pain and this hatred
Let the people be free
And let it be all love for you and me
No one should fuss, no one should fight
Let us come together and unite

(Repeat Chorus)

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