Busy Signal – Bring It To Me Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Gyal a bubble, gyal a wine
Gyal yo sexy every time
Never know a so yo skill
Turn it like a steering wheel
Bubble, bubble, make it bounce
Fat measure body bounce
Gyal a weh yo get it from
Red light district Amsterdam

Hey bring it, bring it to mi
Bounce,bubble it, bubble it fi mi
Paw mi shoulder foot put hi
Left right love how you set it
Muscle, muscle, love how yo print hi
Buff bay something dem print hi
Grip, grip, when yo get hi
Gyal yo tight mi cyaa left hi

(Verse 2)
What if shi will
What if she won’t
What is she do
What is she don’t
Put the lolly in her mouth
Shi don’t want me take it out
Seh shi love it from the back
Tic it, toc it, like a clock
Gyal yo body from the top
Never, never, no no stop
Skin so smooth just like a baby
Haffi get are no if no maybe
Seh shi waan fi have mi baby
Seh mi a drive are crazy
Seh mi sweet like donut weh glazey
Never tired, never lazy
Never just working it like a slavery

(Repeat Chorus 2X)