Agent Sasco – Wake Up Lyrics

A si di lion wake up
Gideon booth de lace up
Dem faly gal main wake up
Some bwoy weh a model inna make up
A dem wi know a graze up

Mi tell unuh straight up
Seh nuff a dem fi get face up
Wa some a dem a do fi wear Jacub
Bwoy all a play Jace up
Di thing need fi a jace up

(Verse 1)
Mi no know a when some a dem get so bright up
Belly skin a wear and all di pants dem so tight up
Pant’s deh below waist, tell dem seh draw it up
Bleaching a gwaan and now di face extra white up
Cho, fi visa mi hear seh dem a swipe up
Man all a buy dem things and dem a hype up
But ghetto youth mi a seh fi wise up
Open yo eyes up, unuh fi wise up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Bad from mi born, mi Mommy and Daddy know
Badder than di whole a dem and everybody know
But mi naw tun mi self inna no pappy show
Pant’s no fi a draw down, boxer no fi show
No funky pose caw wi a no domino
Listen to mi kindly meck mi tell yo wa mi know
Some bwoy weh a bright out seh dem got di doe now
A brag seh dem ride ass like a stallion

(Repeat Chorus)