Bawse Dawg – Keep Wi Ting Up

Thank God seh mi have mi life
Wi a cut and go through like knife
Badmind a no fi mi type
Them a fight but mi si the fight
Celebration and appetite
Stay pon the hustle so wi have to shine
Wi have to get rich in a life
So them cyaa stop progressive minds

No matter how them si wi and a try go round
Cyaa keep wi down wi keep wi thing up, up, up
Wi keep wi thing up, up, up

Wi chad the rough water and the seas alone
Still we never drown, wi keep wi things up, up, up
Wi keep wi thing up, up, up

Hard work perseverance wi reach to the sky
Spirit of a warrior cyaa get deny
Keep the thing up no meck food basket dry
Wi a the ones who make it happen not too asking why
So mi get a cup, shell the bar up
Proud a mi self for all a this hard work
Chat too much so them no have luck
When mi get rich in a life mi done tell them seh mi naw bruk

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Wi a pree up settings
Good vibes no upsetting
Thank father God fi the blessings
Wi observe like flessing
Hypocrite a hate paw we but we not stressing
Still wi a hold firm
Money we have to earn
Even selector know seh this table have to turn
So our fire still a burn

(Repeat Chorus 2X)