Tommy Lee – In The Nite Lyrics

Baby put on yo clothe
Groome up yo self an meck wi go pose
Yo laugh haha, yo pretty like a rose
Yo pretty like rose

The gyal dem done know in the nite, nite
We’ll be rolling through the nite
Video light life
Spending money anywhere we like
Every girl dem love wi style
They all just want one night
Video light life

(Verse 1)
Gaza step up inna the dance
Vibes sell away, sell away, anywhere wi walk
Every gyal a gi wi talk
Mi no know if a the street vibes rum weh dem a floss
Rumbling full mi in a the dark
Shi seh Tommy Lee, Tommy Lee, tan inna the dark
Gyal dem a tip pon toe
The gyal dem done know

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Everywhere mi stay is a gyal that a mi crib
Dem seh mi a the beas so dem put mi to the test
Some likkle fishy breath just a come a grudge the flex
But before mi meck a mess buf the chest
Up inna the club mi an the gyal a ruba dove
Shi just a bubble are body so inna the club
If yo no love hi pree a no nothing build a vibes
The gyal dem done know

(Repeat chorus)