Rihanna Mansion Trespasser Arrested And Charged

A man, who was caught trying to break into Rihanna’s home, was arrested and charged.

The intruder was arrested trying to break into Rihanna’s home again.

Earlier this week security camera captured a man driving into Rihanna’s Pacific Palisades mansion driveway.

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The intruder then went around the side of the house and threw a chair into a glass window, but security alarm scared him off.

According to TMZ, police picked up the 27-year-old man yesterday. He returned to the scene and was caught on camera scaling Rihanna’s wall and the security company called in police.

Cops picked him up about a mile from her home and he claims he is a friend of Rihanna. He was slapped with burglary charges and Rihanna could be getting a restraining order against him.