Alkaline Opens Up About His Image, Eye Ball Tattoo And More [VIDEO]

Shock value dancehall star Alkaline sat down with Sanjay of Intense for a candid interview.

The “Things Mi Love” deejay opened up about his controversial eye ball tattoo, his image, the name Alkaline and much more.

On the name Alkaline

“It was my sister that gave me that name but overtime I found my own meaning to the name. Because you know Alkaline batteries have a negative and a positive side so with me you have a little bit of good and a little bit of bad.

On his image.

“Image is everything and in my opinion the previous generation was about skin bleaching and right now the current generation, the new generation has to come with something different, so that is what I bring.”

Alkaline didn’t want to talk much on his controversial eye ball tattoo but nevertheless the interview was quite interesting.

Watch the interview below.