VIDEO: Busy Signal – Same Way

Busy Signal serves up the video for “Same Way,” a track produced by Turf Music.

The Dameon Gayle-directed video features Busy Signal rhyming over a catchy dancehall beat.

Busy Signal – Same Way Lyrics

Yeh, shooter hustle fi the food same way
Touch the road same way
Get the money same way
Yea hot head
Nothing no change same way
Mi inna the place a voice song same way
Rihanna sing come ova same way
Miss yo miss yo, miss yo miss yo.. same way
A watch out fi this the whole world a play
Number one pon the list naw miss same way

Watch the official video for Busy Signal “Same Way” below.


  1. so bad same way

  2. mad it sick

  3. step out pon dem same way… new talk SAME!!!

  4. Bertrand Richard

    follow tha flow yo inna mood ok chec ca