I-Octane – Warriors Weh Pass (R.I.P) Lyrics

To all the warriors weh gone
Recognize the memories live on
So wi a shout R.I.P
Turn on the light and see yo real OG

To all the warriors weh pass
Tell you seh the memories live on
So wi a shout R.I.P
buss a blank fi yo real OG

(Verse 1)
Silence, yo death have mi inna silence
Caw mi know yo never love violence
Pain and pressure paw my head
Cry till mi eye red
Wanna know why you have to go through that
My friend was no Judas
Pain go straight to mi heart
But judgement pon those who plat

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi tell yo this
Buss a bottle, fly a cork, spill a bear
From yo love yo friend liters fi inna air
Seems like seh a yesterday yo pass although it’s being a year
But wi still a link yo mother although you no deh here
Good people stop living love
Too much innocent a dead inna the Gideon
The no member Jah, Jah, inna the mission
And wi have so much church and religion

(Repeat Chorus 2X)