Shawn Storm – Gallis Persona Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Gyal mi seet seh yo ready and hot
Yo might look slim though yo pum pum fat
Come a Gaza pon the block
Wine fi the sivver meck mi haffi sign that
Shi waan mi tie not
If yo pu**y good then baby why not
You a hot gyal you no haffi try that
So whine to the bass, bubble to the yah, yah

Gyal the way yo stand up, mi know seh a long time yo waan f**K
You cute and yo supn small up
And that a go hold mi gyal, wine and hold mi gyal

Baby come wine paw me
Baby show mi that you love mi
All when a bag a gyal a pest mi
A you mi waan pest mi

Gyal wine and giggle pon spot
Pu**y no loose like sibble and not
A bag a baller naw dribble and drop
Baby yo tiny little contact

(Verse 2)
Gyal mi seet inna yo eye
Long time yo waan cheat paw yo guy
Why? Him just a eat from yo pie
And a curse seh fi beep paw yo psy
Run weh the bwoy, seize from yo cry
Sivver deh yah now, please can you try
Slow wine and these for mi lie
Meck mi cures yo till yo fall like leaf from the sky

(Repeat Chorus)