Bugle – Unnecessary Hype Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Me a one Dj have to keep it real
Me naw hype true mi have a four wheel
Me naw hype true mi can buy a damn good meal
Nough green banana me peal

Me naw hype cause mi fly first class
Me naw hype cause mi friends call mi boss
Me naw hype cause me can go through the night and floss

Rista man wi naw, wi naw, wi naw hype paw no one
Rasta youth wi cyaa, wi cyaa, wi cyaa hype hi no don

Da youth yah naw hype with car
Cause a no that meck mi a star

Da youth yah naw hype with girl
Wi get them anywhere inna the world

Da youth yah naw hype wid money
Cause that make nough a the funny

Da youth yah naw hype with clothe
Caw wi no hype with things like those yea

(Verse 2)
Vybrant mi wi hype with Jah, Jah, caw a him a my dada
And if a never him I man wouldn’t deh yah
Mi hype with the youth them, a them give mi strength
And mi hype with the music a it a mi talent
Might no hype with mi pride am a focus man
And mi hype caw mi firm up inna the gideon
Hype cause mi know seh selassie a mi boss
Heart clean dirty pagans no inna fi wi class

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
It’s ok to have a hype when yo take on the road
But nough a them hyping just too loud
Mi naw hype true mi fly first class pon a plane
Link with Liquid, Chrome, DJ Wayne
Naw hype pon a riff and Kerk down a fame
Every ZJ, DJ, mi rate the the same
Naw hype true the gyal them a scream fi mi name
And a tell mi seh mi sweeter than every sugar cane

(Repeat Chorus)

Cause me live my life according to
Me live my life according to
Jah, Jah, guide mi
Glad seh him always stay beside mi
So mi no run down nothing
Especially hype

(Repeat Chorus)

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  1. Clybert Twist Mwana's

    Big tune so mi she dem cyaan hold Bugle