Mad Cobra – Ordinary [New Music]

Dancehall star Mad Cobra drop a new single “Ordinary,” off the Toasted Riddim, Produced by Tj Records.

Click, click, naw stick, watch it meck mi charge it
Badman no begging a first second or last lick
Naw lick, naw lick, badman no Charley
Always have one up deh fi di fool dem weh waan fi
Chat tough, flip, flip, til yo get yo lip slit
Then mi have yo gyal a split wicked pon a stiff di–
Member seh no kiss because shi swallow supn thick
Fool yuh fi know wi kyle tick
Seh supn fassy then yo pitch ova quick
Show yuh how di clip sick
Spread out like sheet when wi dweet and a kick, kick
Fly weh mi have a drink and tek a quick sip

Listen full track below.