RDX – Pum Pum Medley Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Gyal to how yo look so good yo man no stop cry fi yo
Stand up in front a judge and a tell lie fi yuh
To how yo body good and every man waan yuh
Yo delete him number but him still a call yuh

Gyal I would a f**K hi, caw yo pum pum so tight
Man si di turn left sign and go right
I would a f hi, caw yo pum pum so tight
Ugly gyal f inna di dark turn on di

Gyal mi push mi wood inna yo mouth and mi no waan it get out
Gyal yo warm like wa mi naw tek mi buddy out
And mi love si di lip glass pon yo buddy mouth
If a f**K yuh a study bout meck mi f it out

No waan no stone fi num mi buddy head
Black ants angryness cause war inna di bed
Like dem inlove, so gyal fall inna di bed
Inna sponge wi a f**K gyal hard inna di shed

When I feel yuh wine
Spin it like di world ohhoo
Mi waan c**K yuh up and everything

When I see yuh wine
I see di flashing lights ohhoo
Mi waan fall paw yuh like rain now
When I feel yuh wine
Oh girl, baby when I feel yuh wine

(Verse 2)
Gyal a yo coco cola bottle shape a it a run di place
Yo no f out, f**K out, f no print paw yo face
A wa do di nastiness bout him a beg a taste
Gyal skin out, skin out, pu**y tight like mi lace

All dem a talk yuh no haffi fret
No man never seh yuh carry stinking breath
All when yuh a no wife, yuh still have yo hype
Him want’s up yo body caw yo pum pum
Tight, pum pum tight
Tight, body set right
Tight, mi waan f**K yuh tonight
Tight, this gyal a tell mi shi horny
Shi have a wet punnany
And mi response fi are if a f**K business
Seh shi horny, shi would a tek on a army
But mi no response fi are if a nasty
Mi baby mother come check mi regular
Waan ring off mi balls like a phone cellular
Mi f**K gyal til shi cry
Put are head on the ground and foot in di sky

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)