Wayne Marshall – Bloodclaat Lyrics

Every time mi go doctor
Him a tell mi bout mi bloodclaat
Him seh Marshall yo hearties black
And yo blood pressure way off di chart
Him seh what is the problem?
Mi seh doctor yo don’t know di half
Mi have a gyal inna mi life weh a pain and strive
Shi no meck mi stop curse and wrath

Mi seh a she gimmi di bloodclaat inna mi heart
Wooy mi should a left from di start
Mi and this gyal shouldn’t talk
Now shi meck mi a kick stone and a walk
Shi giving mi a bloodclaath inna mi heart
Like mi curse when mi cross are path
Mi friend dem a seh mi salt
Wooy a this a mussi witch craft

(Verse 1)
Hey mi never listen when mi mother warn
A never really me a just di money weh shi waan
Hey shi know how fi fool shopping card
But when it come to work time shi naw tek path
Run come come in like di ears too hard
Cause all Stevie Wonder si seh shi a fraud
Wooy shi max out mi 3 master card
Now shi run gone a foreign at large

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Next thing shi come wid long finger nail
Shi cyaa wash clothe not even lift pail
Shi never cook chicken yet, much less hox tail
Now everything inna di fridge get stale
Hey shi no look pon no bill inna di mail
But shi live ova blue wind mill
Coming like da gyal yah waan mi go a jail
Either that or shi waan mi heart fail

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)