Munga – House Pon The Hill Lyrics

We come from di tranches, di gutter, di dumpling, di butter
Di struggles, di suffer
But anyweh di money deh wi hustle, wi go fa
Hustling but this year time a get rougher

(Verse 1)
Board house and zink fence wi know bout that
9 milli and six pens, wi know bout that
When 100 and common sense a blow gunshot
Wi naw go no more conference mi sure bout that
Caw dem deh thing deh a nonsense
Wi sure bout that
Government no have no conscience
A Wi dem waan hold back
Yeh di likkle bit weh dem a share poor people waan more than that

Ghetto youth waan house pon di hill
Yatch pon di sea
Drop inna Italy, fly go Belize
Move to di money like rat to di cheese
Ask rubber ranks and squeeze

Ghetto youth waan house pon di hill
Yatch pon di sea
Sail inna parachute, ride jet skies
Money inna pocket like rice inna peas
Mix mi now please

(Verse 2)
Mi feel like if mi cyaa put a pot pon a fire
Gunshot haffi go fire
And a no that fi desire
But if a that require
Simple thing fi mi rise a fat metal
But Rohan seh better mi try some scrop metal
DI economy dry like a famine
Mi no carpenter, no a mechanic like mister Hamming
Why Mobay go try scamming?
Di same reason dem waan go a foreign

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 2)

(Repeat Chorus)