Chan Dizzy – Loyalty Fi Loyalty Lyrics

Even through mi darkest hours
Jah guide mi heart so mi cyaa get coward
Pagan would a kill yo
Then di next day show up a yo mother yard wid flowers

A loyalty fi loyalty, dem no real and wi all can si
Mi friends know, from a love then a love to di end
Some only just love to pretend

Mi done si dem, a loyalty fi loyalty
Mi hear clean like di lord ganzy
Mi cyaa believe, so deceitful yo waan just move
From yo cyaa trust me, then mi cyaa trust you

(Verse 1)
Mi chant a psalms daily
Trust inna di father him never yet fail mi
If di pagans dem a Goliath, ma a David
One a god favorite, so that mean mi stay bless
A nuff a dem friend yah selfish and shameless
Have yo name a walk inna dem shoes pon di pavement
Praise yo ten turn round curse yo inna di same breath
Mi hear them, but careless and no wi no fear death

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Watch yah, a di fakest love claim dem a di most real
Dem wi sell yuh out fi likkle money and grocery
Good thing mi no beg, no sah mi rather dead
Touch di road and go hunt fi mi own meal
Jah, Jah, put a angel ova me
Protect mi from di outcome a dem chrome a squeeze
Mi rather die one thousand deaths
Before mi side step and sell out mi own a jeep

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)