Karmen Ft Jah Vinci & Eyesus – Make Money Lyrics

Make money, stay fresh
House big like Buckingham palace
Dollar sign, heaters out deh
Ten days mi stay strap like a bulletproof vest

Mi know seh every ghetto youth waan make it
Every ghetto youth waan make it home
God have made it, thank God have made it yea

All mi do a meck mi enemies weak
Sold out shows every week

(Verse 1)
Ok now catch me in di Lambo
Over seas like Rambo
Am so fresh man, am so clean
Right down to my sandals
Boasty cash I handle
She move when dem bands go
Trying to flirt when I ain’t looking
That’s why I can’t stand hoes

Yea faster hotel when we pop we just look in di lobby
Git gucci, got Luise, yuh know that I got di vasachi
Siroc and patron, and am serving di mammas right
Always a fan of Coop but I want a Bugatti

Yeh anywhere gyal deh mi wi stop deh
Clean from mi shirt to mi shoes that mi cap seh
Anytime mi pull up picture haffi snap deh
When mi reach di club yeh liquor haffi slop weh
Yo know from wi reach yeh wi lock deh
Anyweh Jah Vinci deh di strap deh
Money wi have bigger than every tower
Caw mi no spend money every hour

Look at my shoes, look at my watch
Yea they so brightening
Look at my dude, look at my chick, look who am wifeing
Am getting these chicks to spending it fast
It so sighting
Karmen is back, this is the fact, look at my life man
Who is the iron, what is he driving
Tuck in ma hotel, he hitting my cell, oh that’s a good timing
This Canada flow, I fly to Atlanta for shows
I will not stop, am getting this wap shoe
Even LA knows

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi capture like a camera
Caw mi haffi snap dem
Mi voice is a gift so mi words mi haffi rap dem
Roll out wid di squad yes mi lock dem
Mi shoes mi hot stepper cause mi hot but not dem
Cyaa violate dem a walk out bold rings
Sink in ayo face like cereal bowls
Meck yo head spin like di ball pon di boat
Cause when mi hot stepping yo haffi move cold

Ghetto youth hold di faith
Rise man a rise and a elevate
Every ghetto youth waan be a champion
But yuh haffi be a heavy weight
Times a get perilous
Haters a try buried us
But as wi walk through di valleys of the shadows of death
Jah will carry us

(Repeat Chorus)