Sean Paul Ft. Shane O – Girls 2 Di End Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Well mister Sean, some bwoy no waan no gyal tell mi weh dem gone?
Girl deh inna my mind from mi born
Dem keep me warm, and I will never mess wid ma prom

Well I man seh Shane, some bwoy no waan no gyal a wa fly inna dem brain
Seem like di whole a di world going insane
And it’s a shame, so wi haffi gi di girls long sugar cane

When wi deh inna di girls terry torry
Girls dem seh wi very handsome, wi primary, wi no terisheri
And wi deh pon dem features like berry
Di gyal dem seh wi sweet like rybena berry
January, straight to February
Right through di year back to di next January

A girl alone ride pon my ferry
Mi no know bout a man, girls alone mi gi my dictionary

(Verse 2)
So wi loop pon fat Suzie, fat Stacy and fat Kerry
Looking extra ordinary inna Luise Vuitton and Berburry
Next girl paluse a lip a youth like wi a scratch berry

But as mi reach home mi feed mi girl pon grape and cherry
And make sure are Christmas merry
Mi cyaa believe Tom speak to Jerry
Man to woman cause man to man no necessary

Gyal until wi ready, spliff pon a meddie
Mi sweet, sweet, wine mi a go pure out fi Debbie
Cause wi no deaddy, deaddy, dhi grab on pon di teddy
Sweet wi a go dweet when mi give are it steady

A just di stragety a rock dem world
Is some bwoy no careful dem a go lose dem girl
Dem call mi his majesty, meck dem feel hot yo si
Love dem more that diamonds and Perl

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Petite and wi find are, one a di hottest winer
Gyal wi sleep beside, wi naw go left wi rough rider
Wi a grinder, if a di gyal dem wi, wi go to china
Head to di beach and to di paul
Get girls of all kinda

Di gyal dem tree mi climb up
Cause dem want it so dem line up inna crew
Dem join up, waan autograph fi sign up
Ocro slime up, di gyal dem know seh that meck mi go prime up
A deh so mi would a boast mi seh dem time up

Girls from tida, pidina
Dem spread out like spider mi catch it like sobina
Mi wi tek a first timer, but mi naw tek no miner
Dem deh kind a thing deh wi no join yah

But if wi lost di gyal dem find us
No male behind us
Dem cannot 69 us, dem only good fi shine us
And I must, ackle yo body and drain dem like sinus
And if a planty journey, di gyal dem deh pon my bus

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)