Tyga Calls Out Gucci Mane, Says He Has HIV

Gucci Mane went on a Twitter rant today talking trash about Nicki Minaj and Tyga’s baby mother Blac Chyna.

Bother Nicki Minaj and Tyga, who are labelmates, has since hit back at the Brick Squad rapper.

DETAILS: Gucci Mane Went In On Nicki Minaj, Says He Paid Her For Sex

Nicki Minaj flat out denied Gucci Mane’s claims, while Tyga says Mane has HIV.

“First off Let’s address the elephant in the room . Every 1 knows Burberry has HIV dats why nobody f with him,” Tyga wrote on Twitter.

“Burberry Man was just askin for a song doe?? #OnlyACrackhead,” Tyga added.

“I’m rlly cracking up. He’s fighting so hard for one more ounce of relevance. Tyga and I turned down his feature request last Thursday,” Nicki Minaj wrote on Twitter.

Gucci Mane also attacked Drake during his rant on Twitter, calling the Toronto rapper a “male groupie.”