Iwayne – No Fear Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Di people haffi strong in dem yah time
When di wolf and di swine dem loose in di street
With di K’s and di 9 dem
I naw go join dem, Ressy rather blind dme
Pickney missing, all now dem cyaa find dem

Bun ungrateful, heart hateful
Some wi sell yuh out fi less than a plate full
Youths be careful, bun fearful
How man fi happy inna cell weh full a bare bull
No fear no bomb, sword, lass, knife, ice pick or nun chattle
Much less gun battle
I no care which wicked war come tackle
Rum head calide wid di town a rum battle
Lightening minst dem up like some apple
Leave flesh looking like bun waffle
Some naw til di soil, dem rather nam dog or nam some cattle
Could a hide inna priest place or none chapple

Real warriors have no fear
Wicked get slew wid di spear
Konkering lion never scare no way

For so long di beast trying to throw us down
Warrior heart and mind
And focus sound, no one can hold us down

(Verse 2)
I di violin
Cush keep flowing like a silent river
From witchcraft and kyle dem bigger
Dem thing deh cyaa seize di juvenile dem chigger
Nuff waan shape shift inna di reptile dem figure
Fire blaze like a fearful tile dem quiver
Some bite di hands of the ones who provide dem dinner
Shallow grave dem go kill friends and go hide dem inna
When yo drink di blood of the innocent
No bother think that a go give yo strength
From yo sell out yo family fi pay yo rent
Of course that’s the wrong way yo went
Dem hurt it’s a fool of grudge
Di wicked dem break all di rules of love
Bwoy hype true him spar wid a school of tug
Now dem leave him lying inna pool of blood

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 2)

(Repeat Chorus)