Agent Sasco – Gone A Lead Lyrics

Dem seh yo cyaa go, dem would a waan park it
It only stop when dem si yo inna traffic
Now dem a chat and yo name a di topic
True yo bun up yuh would a never drop it

Badmind a kill dem, wi gone a lead
Tell dem seh wi gone a lead wooy
Dem cyaa hold wi, wi gone a lead
Wi deh a world cup and dem a play corner league

Old Marcus, tell dem wi gone a lead
Hey Jamaica wi gone a lead
Hey dem cyaa hold wi dem no have no steam
Wi deh a world cup and dem a play corner league

(Verse 1)
Di thing dem a wap dem and a beat dem
If a boxing wi knock out yo teeth dem
Dem badmind, mentally defeat dem
Wi bolt left dem like Usain inna di meet dem
What a supn when wi hold dem inna di street dem
How di 10 speed BMX fi touch di V 10
Never go wrong, then wi go stronging
Nuff a dem a Saturday and Sunday dem a weekend

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Gone a lead wi mean Donkey lence
Yes wi stepping it and doing it with confidence
Long road draw sweat, short cut draw blood
So if yuh try cheat the thing there is consequence
And member seh di race is not for di swift
Any swift, automatic or stick shift
Nuff a try hold di corner and go drop off a cliff
But like Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)