Busy Signal – Feel Like

If dem feel like dem bad
If dem a dream like dem bad
Buss up mi scheme from dem bad
Tell dem fi try cross mi part to bloodclaat

If dem feel like dem bad
Once dem a dream like dem bad
Machine blow steam pon dem bad
Tell dem fi try soil mi clarks to bloodclaat

(Verse 1)
Am a threat to dem
But to me dem bwoy deh a target
Tugs naw itch, from a war just start it
Sale out, wi corn dem no sell inna market
If a fold thing mi a razor but dem bwoy deh a chocolate
Chocolate, gyal dem out a road and a talk it
Seh dem use dem tongue and lift di pu**y like fork lift
Di inferred weh beam up pon dem forehead mi mark it
Berita meck dem vomit stop dem breath
Like 106 mi a park it
No business who di bwoy dem a link
Wid mi DJ but a di K dem mi sing
Wid war ship sink, bwoy body stink
Dem no haffi wear black so mi berry dem inna pink
Yeh man a gangster, to cops mi naw go sell out
Mi know who a di former so dem name mi no haffi sell out
Boom di glock meck di helicaptor shell out
Like prostitute, pu**y dem sell out

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Killer wi no beg hail out a road or inna club
Bwoy dis di quarter marrow fly weh like a dove
No need yo caw wi side wi already have wi slug
And if dem broke di piece a casava
Dem drown inna dem own a fing blood
Dem a claim seh dem a tug
A cuss di gyal dem weh a bleach when dem a rub
Mi step out pon di fassy like a rug
Man have dem a plug
This a real 45 a no dub
Dem chase inna di star and all di gleaner
Tell di tabloids, tell it to all di media
No mix mi up inna di passa weh dem inna
Dem loaded magazine yah nam yo food like it’s a zinger

(Repeat Chorus)