Tarrus Riley & Kabaka Pyramid – Fly Di Gate Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Hey Ethiopia a long time no see
Yeh how yuh doing? How’s my family?
Here in di west still a mind full of thee
A coming home one day you’ll see
Wa a gwaan Jamaica look like yuh fi get
There is yo culture, do no bother left it
Trees without roots don’t have nuff roots fi get
Yo legacy yuh shouldn’t neglect

Babylon fly di gate
Di youths dem waan fi repatriate

Now Babylon fly di gate
Right now di youth dem waan fi repatriate

(Verse 2)
Some weird faces, I love places
Woman abroad calling all Africans
One way ticket, more than a visit
Time is wasting, we’ve got to go
Am a African see us all

Jamaica weh mi born but mama Africa is my own
It’s in my DNA down to my very cromozone
Di blood inna mi vane, di same blood that was slayen
In di fields dem of the cane
When di ships dem come around
But Africa that’s where I get my strength from
Di river Nile civilization I was sent from
Fi some a di youths dem from Kingston to St. Ann
Tell dem repatriation inna retention

Dem seh wi calling all di brothers an
Calling all di sisters an
Calling all di family an
Uhuh fi get ready and
Rather yuh a Muslim, Cristian or rasta man
Member yuh a African

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
So pack up yo clothe and pack up yo shoes
Put on yo banners and yo red
Read yo bible everyday, make sure yo understand yo medz
Rather yo black or rather yo read
Rather yo ball head or yo dread
No bother trouble yo brain, just praise selassie instead
Cause he’s di one that open up di way
To organize di set like Markus Garvy in these day
Now I cant afford to see di children go a stray
So never yuh delay, to open up di gate

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)