Shabeel & Shane O – Every Gallis Haffi Fall Lyrics

One gyal could a meck yo follow drop inna well
Di ass weh yo sell wi come back like a curricle
A Shane O and Shabeel a come fi tell yo seh
One choice inna life could a send yuh a hell

Every gyallis haffi fall
Every gyallis haffi fall
One day yuh could a stand tall
And di next day yo get crush like fly pon di wall

Every gyallis haffi fall
Every gyallis haffi fall
No care how tough wi be
No care how tough wi be
Wi haffi fall some time inna love

(Verse 1)
If yuh a gyallis and lose di one yo carry place
Di one weh could a tie yo done and finally change yo ways
Bigger tears from di heart wi tumble down yo face
To live fi tell are how yo feel and lift are by di waist

Bawling, when mi wake up inna di morning
All when mi performing or when mi recording
Destiny strike without a waring

Mi carry plasa like a transplant
Mi did true but never constant
Mi si a bag a things weh mi should a never si
Yuh can silence di guns when di war start

Mi member di night when mi fall fi da gyal deh
Inna are white dress mi would a keep are wet
When mi look inna are face and see what a like deh
Mi never touch a gyal again from da night deh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Look how mi rush go love di girl before mi simma
Mi no know a wa mi go get mi self inna
Mi no know if a di big house weh shi live inna
Or true shi have money or true shi drive a bimma
Mi fall, mi fall, mi fall
Inna love weh mi should a stand tall
Mi mother tell mi seh mi no fi put every trust inna gyal
If mi gudda, mi a go fall like jevicoval
Mi a wonder if a true shi cute and pretty like a doll
A that meck mi waan tek are everyday go to di mall
Empty mi bank book spend every last cent weh mi have
And now shi gone lord God mi out fi bwal
From mi find da gyal yah yow mi and mi friend dem hardly spar
Tripple hey true deh inna susa none at all
True dem no know da gyal yah capture mi star
Mi really love are, jah know mi really love are
Every evening di mount a kiss up and hug inna di park
Naw lie, shi put di light inna mi dark
And if di black berry pin naw work
No twitter, everyday paw facebook wi a talk

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)