QQ – Jah Protect Me Lyrics

No frighten wi, dem no frighten wi
No frighten wi, dem no frighten wi
No frighten wi, dem no frighten wi
No frighten wi

And I say jah protect me yea
When di evil try to take my life
Just watch ova me

Dem no frighten me, dem no scared me no
And mi a walk through di giddion wid di blood of di almighty ova me

(Verse 1)
Meck mi tell yo straight
QQ no fear no man
Cause Psalm 23 that a my weapon
Any road, any lane weh yo hailed from
Yo spar wid di devil yo cyaa step to man

Mi seh mi sure di lord him a my shepherd
From yo link wid Satan yuh haffi bite di dirt
Out a road mi a beg unuh fi listen to di youngster
QQ voice fi herd

Some man a pose up pon corner wid gun
Like a Mederest and Dove Cot dem a run down
Dem naw try tek mommy out a di slum
But Jah soon come, jah soon come
A punk that, talk alone him have bad
When him end up a jail him turn punching bag
And him enemy a road just have up him gyal
Mi pree di salvation

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
All who no meck dem name already cyaa meck it again
Mi a beg unuh fi just gwaan build mi friend
Yo reward did a wait paw yo down a maddens
If yo name call up, yo name no good again
Rome man seh dem giving yuh a 3 requent
And a down a dove cot yo live permanent
A better yo deh pon road free
That a answer to mrs suzzie and superintendent

Mi a gwaan live clean caw mi waan go heaven
When mi can mi just lend out a helping hand
Nuff man a pray fi evil that him friend
But a righteousness mi a pree to di end
Dem cyaa draw mi out wid dem bad vibes
Ghetto youth out deh unuh better be wise
Don’t meck dem trick unuh and tell unuh no lies
Open up your eyes

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)