Capleton – Have To Sew Lyrics

If you waan reap then you have to sow
Food haffi eat by the sweat a yo brow
By the sweat a yo brow
Food haffi grow, by the sweat a yo brow
And if you never seek, you will never know
And if you wanna reach then have to go
You have to know, if you never know

(Verse 1)
Work harder, love yo mother and yo father
Yo sisters and yo brother
And even when di going get harder yeh
Make sure yo stick tether
Shear love for one another
Like birds have a feather
Good ova evil and bun di evil endeavor

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
You wi make it if you try
Dem seh opportunity come only but once
So when it come, make sure yo advance
And no bother tell mi seh yo never get a chance
Work hard fi yo needs and no stoop fi yo wants
Keep it straight and no tell mi seh yo slant
Great sound and powers fi no lock down di dance
Yo no fi gi di youths dem a chance
As di culture food haffi plant

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Have yo direction and yo haffi take a stand
Bold like di lion and humble like di lam
Know where yo going and where yo coming from
Haffi know yo self and yuh haffi set a plan
And hail king Selassie high di cankering lion
Wi still a bun di fire and I don’t give a dam
Carefull weh yo eat, mi seh carefull weh yo nam
Just gwaan sing mi song

(Repeat Chorus)

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