Stein – Head Get Mad Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Wi a do things wid di thing dem weh wi a walk wid
Weh cold hearted, people wi no laugh wid
Dem star war wid di dead man squad
Wi head dam mad, dem run up inna crosses
Step pon dem endz wid some black skew maskes
Look pon dem through magnifier glasses
Family bwal hi no miss like a call
Supn haffi fly like partries

When mi head get mad, and di evil start tek over
Mi ready fi go tun dem over
Mi dweet and a supn mi proud a

Markus, dem fi know seh wi bad
Nothing cyaa save dem not even obia
When mi squeeze it like mi lover
Di whole place tun up louder

(Verse 2)
Some bwoy no evil none at all
When wi meck a move people bwal Egyptian
Mi a di sadam weh no fall
And mi gyal wicked like di witch down a Rose Hall
Walk pon dem endz and knock it like door
Like sea, so dem haffi dive inna floor
Wi no left people wid scar and sore
Di war no pretty like delly more

(Repeat Chorus 2X)