RDX – Waterfalls Lyrics

When mi touch are shi soak, soak
Shi ask a wah mi drink or smoke
When mi touch are shi soak, soak
No stop smile a who gi are joke

Deep emotions mi evoke, when mi num up are body wid strong rum an coke
Mi touch are shi soak, soak
Shi love di bicycle spoke

Shi seh mi left are dreaming of waterfalls
Waterfalls, waterfalls, an shi soak up an sweat till shi cyan keep no focus
Imagical ocus pocus
The wet weather have wi a wet

(Verse 1)
When mi touch are shi tremble like winter
Sexy in an out di printer
Liquor meck are eye red like dah ink yah
And shi a call mi wid are pinky finger
A mussi stone are di ginger
Meck shi bale off like passenger
Happy tears like rain pon are window
Meck shi pop like a cylinder
Shi soak like a water war
Mi back are up an fire love after are
It take a real man fi master are
Shi wet like soka vet
Shi get high like shi did a smoke opium
Get aggressive an a try hard fi hold mi done
Shi seh Renny yuh sweet like nosey plum
None stop action till di story done

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Sexy so in a di pink tang
Mi a push, shi a push, swing song
Shi seh mi big like king kong
Long Marathon mi no done instant
This a di aerobics work out
Shi a burst a sweat calories a burn out
Shi like how mi conduct mi sex education cause a nuff things shi learn bout

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)