RDX – Island Girl Lyrics

Cause there’s no one to me like my island girl
She’s my sunshine

(Verse 1)
How shi so bad? Shi mussi come from Trinidad
Girl bring yo body come yah fi mi grab
Jamaica girl dem a one in a million
Come sit down bicycle dilly an
Girls from Bahamas and different indies
Meck mi haffi beg God fi more inches
Di half Indian gyal dem from Guyana
Meck di pharmacy run out a Viagra
Girls from Barbados, Grenada, dominate this area
Pull off mi RayBan so mi can si clearer
Vincent girls dem tek di place like a invader
House full a St.Martin girl mi waan be mi neighbor
Latino chicks from Portorico and Cuba
Bermuda girl from St. Path, Na Ruba
US fi hi, di mad girl dem deh yah tattola
Girl inna mi scope like a sharp shooter

Island girl, you a mi diamond girl
Spice up my life, excite my world
Mi island girl
My island girl

(Verse 2)
Mi love the girl dem from di island bad
So mi wi settle fi a side man job
Belize a no one but di girls dem a di island sexy
St. Lucia gyal wi drive man mad
Girls from Cayman sexy wid A+
And di Ashien girls dem wine famous
Tek hi from Antigua to Maracious
A di hot island girl dem mi radios
Girls from St. Kits, Dominica
Kiss mi like dem hammernicka
Me and a girl from Panama, Castorica
Snap up the auyan girls like a camera picture
It’s RDX yo done know weh gyal a follow wi fa
Girls from Dominican Republic
Know how fi shake and bubble it
Dem Curricle girl yah dweet di way mi love it
Reunion bad gyal dem a dash weh like a rubbish
A dem gyal mi waan share di fun with

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Intro)