Demarco – Nah Move Careless Lyrics

Tiger Mart meck me survive
Pay 2 bills add fi save mi life
Buy a pack a condom
Play safe and done
Wrapped it up when skin calide

(Verse 1)
Well if yuh cyaa buy boots then yuh no fi a touch
Run weh di bwoy don’t gi him none a di above
Seh yo man a get hit girl am gonna be yo judge
Yuh a mi wifey am gonna be a husband
Shi back it up lovely, shi get my approval
A new gyal yah trust mi
Are waistline no rusty, mi love are shi love mi
But yow dem a gloves mi

Treat di gyal dem like how wi live gangster life
Yea mi naw move careless, naw move careless

Fross king, shi could a be mi heart beat, could a be mi wife
Yea mi naw move careless, mi naw move careless

(Verse 2)
Girl dem fit inna mi shoes before mi walk
When shi call mi, shi call mi cony park
Gyal close di park when di show fi start
Boasty talk
Shi likkle bit like a rosery cross
Shi no get di full story but shi know di half
So anytime mi work is no day off
Gyal, yo skin clean, yo smooth, yo soft
Likkle mrs, likkle mrs, yo mi choose mi want

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)