Demarco – Party In Jamaica Lyrics

(Listen and sing chorus – Very catchy)

(Verse 1)
When yo talk bout liquor God know seh mi drunk
Mi under mi Apple Vodka wid di skunk
Da party yah crump, mi no care a who a punk
God look how dem gyal yah fat, goose bump
Yow hold another cup yah, dawg mi soon come
Who naw wine a gyal dem soft liek June Plum
Mi seh look how di gyal dem hot like June come
If yuh naw talk inna gyal ears yo too dumb
Bay gyal surround when mi step mi shoes a ground
Dem a bwal, dem a seh a yuh alone
If mi cyaa buy a liter, mi buy a cue a rum
And if no gyal no deh yah mi a go back home

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Selassie know seh mi happy yow
Not even badmind can stop hi yow
Take a page from mi book and copy yow
Mi a live my life that yuh haffi know
Wi a party, di moon gone in
Sunlight, good morning!
Appleton inna mi cup when people yawning
Rooster bawling

(Repeat Chorus 2X)