Mad Cobra – Nuh Other Way Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Wi bartender Tippa some bwoy lick a bill
Wi money nasty, wi money stink
Wi no go to no man go beg no refill
Wi money nasty, wi money stink
Di thing shell cause di whole place mad yo si
Cranberry mix wi Hennessy di supn mad yo si
Right yah now a bay gyal, bay gyal
Strong liquor just a play wid mi head yo si
Playa haters a watch from far
And a pray seh di Henny meck mi drop down dead yo si
Wi buy weh wi waan, floss how wi waan
Cause a road, road wi seh

Anytime wi touch di road a party wi a party
Cyaa go nuh other way

We seh party, party, alcohol gi wi nuff gyal
Cyaa go nuh other way

Own bartender, wi own bar, jah know star
Cyaa go nuh other way

To how di thing set, all eyes on we dem a pree
Cyaa go nuh other way

(Verse 2)
Di same way yo seet pon cable
Si gyal a wine up, up, up, up, up, pon table
Wi ring inna ears, ring inna lip, ring inna tongue and ring pon navel
Mi and mi friend dem pocket ever able
Fi buy anything weh deh, deh, pon table
Drink drunk, get sober, and drunk back again
This time around nothing wid label
Mi love how di gyal dem a party wid wi
A model and a dash out di thing like Frisbee
Mi no care if dem straight or lesbi
Tonight dem a go find out where di crisb bi
Money haffi spend

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
A no our fault unuh cyaa buy that
Raddy seh 40 box mi she why not?
Yuh name it anything
And any liquor weh available cork wi a fly that
One crate a Guinness wi no buy that
So go tell a likkle ten grand guy that
Fool man si weh yuh a pree
Love dash liquor pon man
Bet yuh never try that

(Repeat Chorus)