Shawn Storm – Gaza Lyrics

Bad man no inna talking too long
Mi no fight kong fue
No mi no Lue Kong
Some man only bad when him do song
Mi a no somebody fi yo prove pon

Wi have some bloodclooth gun weh wi go a road wid
And mi know some bloodclooth thugs weh mi grow wid
So if yo feel seh yo can si gaza man
And toe to toe wid
Pu**y mi left more shot inna yo head
And people a fully loaded
Gaza wi evil, a gaza wi live

(Verse 1)
Sniper rifle rise tonight
Meck bwoy head a pick out pon each side
No dem go dis the link weh day
When wi did a party pon the beach side
Mi mad no rass, to mad rass
So innocent people please hide
And if yo escape from the blood bath
Pu**y hole mi know weh yo reside
Parabelom from West
Put slug inna yo neck
Left yo head pon the East side
And a gaza wi name and yo know seh wi evil
All demon please rise

Punk weh you a do man
Yo cyaa drape bad man like yo woman
Mi wi left him inna coffin fi him momma dem look on
Mi kill fi money no haffi do song

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Bad man no take check
And another thing bad man no send threat
From yo dis 3 minutes weh yo expect
A just wet, wet
Wet, wet, yo chest get
Easy, so easy, so easy wi corner dem
Who never did dead get corn again
Head open up like under Gwen
No bad like Mr Palmer dem
Mad Rass, Fry Eye circle the punk block
Watch people a run up inna gunshot
The bright light a yo eye a mi gun that
Marrow pon the ground that still a hear gunshot
A gaza wi buss all kind a K
And when yo si bad man try no play
The last bwoy try this bad man
Him face Maddens design a way

(Repeat Chorus)