Elephant Man – Wi Nuh Cus Cus Lyrics

Badman war yuh shouldn’t pick up
Caw wii no cus, cus
Pop it off and buss it up
Caw wii no cus, cus
Yuh wi get gig till yo pist up
Caw wi no cus, cus
Head a buss, aches to aches, and dust to dust

Yuh wi get yo face stitch up
Caw wii no cus, cus
Inna yuh cappa a itch up
Caw wii no cus, cus
Body bag wi meck a zip up
Caw wi no cus, cis
Head a buss, aches to aches, and dust to dust

(Verse 1)
Dem fi know seh our war uglier than di thriller
Spanish Town man a killer
Dem a blata lan giver
Naw back down screw face no meck wi shiver
F**k wid wi dem find yo body in di chada ochi rive
Bullet put yuh to sleep
Coppa black up yo liver
And similar to di–ilar a rebel and di thriller
Yea I appear to be a nice kool ni—-
F**k wid anything I love and am a stone cold killer

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Badman no talk, talk, inna war
Gunshot a bark, bark
Inna war find dem pon side walk inna war
Inna car tint up drive by yuh inna war
Shot yuh from far yuh dead inna war
I’ve got bout 7 mack 11
About 8 38, 9 9 and bout 10 mack 10
So pu**y hole gwaan go tell yo friend
Worster than di masicker dem shouldn’t meck wi start kill again

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
How dem a mi hilla mi hilla, sleep wid mi gun under mi pillow
Copper meck dem run out like baba jacub di villa
Gun a interview yuh pon yo corner like Anthony Miller
Mister siller shouldnt dis di black villa from over villa
Angyr alone yuh si bwoy and a run out a yo filla
If dem a Goliath meck dem know wi a Godzilla
Head a spin like popiler, blood a run like viniger
Inna full black mi and mi friend Bounty Killer

(Repeat Chorus 2X)