Christopher Martin – If I Die Tonight Lyrics

If I die tonight, where will I go?
To hell or heaven?
Six or seven?

Baby if you come to me girl, what would we be?
Friends to others?
Or undercover lovers?

(Verse 1)
Yea ma rapped up, am caught up
Everything on my mind is about us
Wa we doing, where we going?
I get so much joy just knowing
That I got you in my life
And one day you will be my wife
So am thinking about growing
Wid you that’s why am showing you

Tonight is the night, we gonna get real passionate
And do it like we never felt passionate

Tonight is the night, Girl we gonna make loud love sounds
And wake the neighbors all all around

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Gyal a run come, gyal a run in
Gyal a shout, gyal a scream when mi a come in
Is like a walking closet or a washing machine
Ever neat, ever clean when wi touch the scene
And even though dem know mi queen
Them a pop dem neck and a try come in
But is a one girl party, me and mi shorty
Nothing inna the world cyaa part wi

(Repeat Chorus)

There is a party in session, here in my house
Am not leaving out, no ones invited
For this party in session
Just me and my girl
No other woman in this world
Can get my attention

(Repeat Chorus)