Nicky B Ft Blak Diamon & Voicemail – Pop Bottles Lyrics

Me and my ni—-s never sleep
All we do is pop bottles
We going hard in di streets
Wid about ten top models
We meck di gyal dem no dazey
Caw wi shell down di compound a daily
Wi gone full chaddle
Less top model
The county girl start model

(Verse 1)
Andrew blacks wi hotter than di sun
And paw mi neck a platinum
And if bwoy want a song, tell him fi bring a million
A quarter Pound a cush mi have a crush inna mi hand

And if a inna di club wi 20 strong
Wid 2o gyal and no man
Gyal dem love mi style yes mi flow
When dem get dat black touch dem a go waan more
Mi thing mash up dem deh inna france row
Wi party from sun down, til sun down you know

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Wa meck yo think di gyal dem love wi
Wi ever fresh wi style no ugly
Voicemail coronation representing mi
And a bay top models mi have surround mi

Nicky B Black Diamon, fresh oh sick wi shine bright like diamond
Link up Beerbs fi di clothe from Ti land
When wi pop bottles we di light dem shine on

(Repeat Chorus 2X)