Mad Cobra & Tarrus Riley – Rude Boy Lyrics

(Intro – Tarrus Riley)
Dem seh dem wicked and dem tough
But dem no militant
But as a warrior yo cyaa move ignorant
Yuh haffi hold yo stans
Haffi know when, weh yuh a defend

(Chorus – Tarrus Riley)
Hey mister chatty mouth
Love fi run yo beak
Meck allot of speech
But never dweet, idiot a street
Yuh a no bad bwoy
Yo love complain, man bout yuh a rude bwoy

Win no waan no hail, yuh a scratch yuh hand a whale
Hear man a meck yuh empty pail
And bwal like gyal when yuh go jail

Yuh a no bad bwoy
Yo love complain, man yuh a rude bwoy
But yuh a frude bwoy

(Verse 1 – Mad Cobra)
Lip service, lip service, lip service, lip service
Better hear this
Yuh no scare this, yuh no scare this
If a me like yuh mi no come no where near this
Mister wannabe will never be a G like we
Meck mi tell yuh wi no share fist
So all yuh a run off yo toilet mouth
Meck mi tell yo this yet wi no fi

Yo bad round one bag a man, one bag a man
One bag a man, bay screw face
And if a likkle one shot buss
All yuh meck Bolt haffi run over new race
Pop off and fake up
Inna your bay wild shot di idiot a bake up
Till di endz get bate up
4:30 before day police seh wake up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Tarrus Riley & Mad Cobra)
Real warriors, fool cyaa draw wi out
And anytime mi touch di road
Mi never walk without
I no walk alone, no, no

Wi no have no time fi drop no wud caw wi a no Mary
Idiot call mi name mi hear, but gwaan like mi no hear hi
Dem argument contrary
That’s why dem likkle inn yah mi wi easily tear hi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro – Mad Cobra)
Cyaa tell mi nothing fi mi fear yuh
Yuh a chat but Tarrus Riley seh him no hear yuh
Love fi chat but sometimes yuh haffi hear to
Cause seet deh now di undertakers a prepare yo food

(Repeat Chorus)