Junior Reid Responds To False Concert Promotion

Reggae Stalwart Junior Reid, now in New York City ahead of his North American tour would like to advise the public that he will not be performing at the King Stur Gav concert slated for Saturday, June 15th at the Mas Camp in Kingston.

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According to Reid, he is being falsely advertised for the concert despite the promoter(s) getting no permission from him or his immediate team.

In a release to the media the ‘Same Boat’ singer explained, “I am not booked for that show, so I don’t understand why they are advertising me as being on the line-up. I am making this public because I don’t want my fans to go there expecting to see me and when they don’t people start to believe I am a no show artiste.”

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He continued, “The promoters made initial contact with me and said they were planning the show and wanted me to be a part of it, no further contact was made from there. Next thing I see my name being advertised. They never got any permission from me nor was any contractual arrangements in place.”

After scoring a No.1 with ‘Never Let You Go’ his current single ‘Same Boat’ sits at the No.13 position on the Hitz 92FM Radio Chart. The song is also featured on this newly released ‘Kingston Fire House’ mixtape.

Reid is expected to release an album in the coming weeks.