Masicka – 4G Lyrics

Grabber green, gun and girl 4G like di internet
Up everything connect, the words dem weh di ink a meck
Meck cash like weh di brinks a get
Delinta said mi internet
My blessing dem waan intercept
Di link a step, some wimp a fret
Colder than di winter
Yet dem think a death, dem incorrect
Like number wid si sin collect

Wi, wi store shot from di introtect
Interject in a sec, yuh wi sprint weh yeh
No mean a bet
Wink a meck when di gyal dem si mi draws no pink a wet
Ni sympathy, mi bring shatty
Caw bwoy no waan di king happy
Dem think crappy, yeh incopy
Mi style image dem kidnap hi
Bugs a still claffy, and man wi kill daffy

Pon di lane wi build trappy
When feds a come wi still clap hi
Why dem waan fi temp mi though?
21 century flow, di entry slow but then mi grow
So tell mi before dem spell mi no
Mi shell di show so send mi doe
Mi friends mi owed, fi help mi row
Fi get di doe hell mi know

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