Tifa – Lyrically Educated Lyrics

When mi start mi things an people would a never contemplated
Mi would a be so big, mi would a be so celebrated
A me dem never rate, a me dem underestimated
Career accelerated, an now dem aggravated
Bad mind is activated, bun dem like dem cremated
Cause mi style so sick is like mi need fi get it medicated
And mi sweet so till is like yo get the sugar granulated
Dem an dem calculated, dem wish dem could a mated

(Verse 1)
Mi pocket compensated
And the top si calculated
Two and two together dutty people escalated
Hypocrite si mi town an it over populated
Cut dem off dem amputated, like a birthday dem belated
Gone a lead dem never think mi would be dominated
Wid di evil weh dem do, an all the plans dem accrostrated
But mi trust inna the father so it’s not so complicated
Read a Psalms everyday, never yet abominated

Dem cyaa stop mi, a bulldozer
To the top mi a get a likkle closer
So mi a hustle mi no laugh like joker
Straight face like mi a play poker

Dem cyaa stop mi, a bulldozer
To the top mi a get a likkle closer
Hustle mi a hustle, mi no laugh like joker
A wa dem hear bout, man a soldier

(Verse 2)
Dem try fi text mi, really try fi get mi aggravated
So rumor dem a spread, dem propaganda dem created
Twist up all the facts an get the story fabricated
Waan mi get eliminated, cut down abbreviated
It stink a road is like a mad man stoop an desiccated
Mi luck no lost forever so dem get so constipated
Dem life so sad if me was dem mi would a frustrated
Dem get so irritated, dem shouldn’t have violated
Anyway mi just a try fi keep mi fans dem fascinated
Lyrically educated, keep dem ears dem stimulated
From the one that gravitated, never left depreciated
A me dem motivated, dominated, celebrated
Dem have mi back an all the thigs a get circulated
The situation end dem sit down a evaluated
It so exaggerated, dem seet it formulated
So mi love dem everyday like am so confederated

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)