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Toots Suing Former Manager For $1.25 Million

Reggae legend Toots is suing his former manager Marc-Antoine Chetata for allegedly misleading him into signing shady business agreement.

According to TMZ, the lead singer of Toots and the Maytals says Chetata took advantage of his lack of business knowledge during the time he was managing the band in the 1990s.

Toots Forced To Cancel Tour Due To Injury From Bottle Throwing Incident

The Jamaican singer says it became apparent to Chetata in no time, his 4th grade education and complete lack of business skills left him vulnerable … so Chetata allegedly lunged like a cheetah and acted like a real cheat’a by getting Toots to sign an agreement that gave the manager 50% song ownership.

Now Toots want his songs back and also $1.25 million compensation.

Toots recently announced that he has cancelled his remaining tour dates after suffering injuries in a bottle throwing incident at a concert in Virginia last month.

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  1. don’t sign without a good lawyer.

  2. Wow that’s pure robbery at its form man Cheetah grimey theft, a manger doesn’t supposed to get more than 10-15% maybe 20% if that manager that good and guarnteed to get the artists deals, but never in history does a manger has the right to even try doing such thing.

    Now if he owns a company that does Publishing, Record Music lablel. and explain perfectly in the contract of a Co-Publishing deal where its a 50-50% split of song onwership, and or a music record deal contract where its state that its a joint venture 50-50% I can understand that and would see that this reggae music legend Mr. Toot wouldn’t have a case but if that’s not the case and this goes to trial court and found out that Chettah manager of his, nothing but just a manager hes done finish in business and needs to pay more than what Mr.Toot is asking for dealry, because that’s taken advantage of teh artist that doesn’t really know the business.