Shaggy & Rsny – Know Bout We Lyrics

Well mi no know bout you
But mi know bout me
A bare hot gyal mi pree

Well mi no know bout you
But mi know bout me
Every time mi step out mi clean

Yes dem a call an a stress cause a we dem request
To fulfilled dem fantasy

Meck dem know, meck dem know
A bare hot gyal mi pree

(Verse 1)
We a bwoy weh love the girls dem right
Well stocks in smooth, body trim well tight
Every time wi touch the road girls type
Dem seh wi keep on dripping like a hose pon pipe
Cause dem love off wi style an di mena
Gyal a swarm every time wi step in yah
Dem seh wi a the girls dem type
Caw the real bwoy flex a weh the girls dem like

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Hot girls a mi focus
When dem si mi cloud disappear like ocus pocus
All the girls waan to know us
That’s why wi oput a new meaning to come paw mi tour buss
Hey 14 gyal a week no come cheap
You waan the evidence go check the back seat
From donkey bumper to slim an petite
Yow mi start gyal when me touch the sheet

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Every time wi step out
We got the girls dem by the trailer load
All kinds, wi even have dem in the teleco
Pretty likkle brown thing slide don’t need that red bone
Love the way she move, she look like she an info
Slim wid the good, wi a note that’s say info
Straight to the telly shi know waht she’s in for
Back shot is allot, balance pon top
Back shot is allot gyal, learn that

(Repeat Chorus)